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Submitted by CSch (Contact Author) (Forums) on Tue, 2013-03-26 19:28. ::

9 Skype (only for 32 bit systems)

To download Skype go to and click the Choose your distribution button. Select the appropriate download link from the menu:

In the Firefox download dialogue, select Open with Install/Remove Software (default):

Click on Install:

Follow the installation instructions afterwards, you will need to type in the root password. Afterwards, the package gets installed.


10 Google Earth

To install Google Earth open a web browser and go to, choose the rpm package for the system you are using and click on Agree and Download:


11 Inventory (III)

We now have all wanted applications installed:

[x] The GIMP
[x] Shotwell Photo Manager

[x] Pinta

[x] Firefox
[x] FileZilla
[x] Thunderbird
[x] Deluge
[x] Skype
[x] Marble

[x] Pidgin

[x] Dropbox

[x] Gwibber Social Client

[x] LibreOffice Writer
[x] LibreOffice Calc
[x] Adobe Reader
[x] GnuCash
[x] Scribus

Sound & Video:
[x] Audacity
[x] Banshee
[x] dvd::rip
[x] Kino
[x] VLC Media Player
[x] K3B
[x] Multimedia-Codecs

[x] Winff

[x] Bluefish
[x] Eclipse

[x] VirtualBox
[x] TrueType fonts
[x] Java

[x] gedit


12 Links

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Submitted by Anonymous (not registered) on Thu, 2013-03-28 12:13.
Why do you have in your selection multiple graphics, email and browsers? Who needs 2 different mail clients or 3 webbrowsers? I am using Linux for several years now, but I am also familiar with the Windows world and never ever did I mix all sorts of programs, this is just confusing the user, when he has the agony of choice (or the choice of agony...).
Submitted by John (just drop... (not registered) on Wed, 2013-07-31 22:21.

I don't see 2 email clients or 3 browsers in this software list, only one of everything.....  maybe the previous commenter got confused.

I would have included Inkscape though..