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Submitted by infra_red_dude (Contact Author) (Forums) on Sun, 2007-10-28 18:40. ::

17 Some screenshots.....


Desktop with Apps & stacks:





Is this Mac OS X Leopard??? Naah... It's just Linux + GNOME + Mac4Lin!

Thanks to Victor Hugo Casals for the Safari skin, M.Lettner for the panel backgrounds, Calande for the font guide, Mitko for nm-applet icons, José Miguel for volume icons, Vish for Grub and Buu700 for Usplash screens. I also thank all those who tested the pack and everyone who are directly or indirectly involved in this project. For any suggestions / comments / complaints / feedback / bug tracking please drop a mail to: or

This project is free to use. No part or whole of this guide should be reproduced without permission.


Anirudh (infra_red_dude)
Developer, Mac4Lin

Project Website:

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Submitted by Anonymous (not registered) on Tue, 2011-01-18 16:58.

can you use this pack for netboks like asuss eee 1005 ha?



Submitted by AWilson (not registered) on Tue, 2010-07-20 03:29.
First off THANK YOU for creating this doc!!!

I started using Mac4Lin when I had Ubuntu 8.04, then upgraded to 9.10.  With both of the version of Ubuntu (8.04, 9.10) I did not have any problems adding this 'theme' to my Linux.

I have now upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 and the current version of Mac4Lin does not have all the steps necessary to change 10.04 default theme over to Mac4Lin completely.  I did run "", the theme installed but things are missing or wasn't installed by the script leaving it to me to try an figure out. I have tried to get a few things to work the list is here:

1. 'Splash Screen' not change, I went through the instructions a few times and still can not get it.
2. 'Wall Paper' had to manual change that.
3. 'Sound' could not determine if it was installed by the script, the instructions don't match Ubuntu sound control app (gnome-volume-control).
4. 'Songbird' the following files can not be used with Songbird 1.7.3: 'iSongbird.xpi' and 'mediaflow-2.9.2.xpi'
     ERROR MESSAGES: MediaFlow 2.9.2 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Songbird 1.7.3.
     "      "    "   "     "     "   "   : iSongbird 1.0.0 could not be installed because it is not compatible with Songbird 1.7.3.
5. 'GRUB' has not changed since running the script and haven't found a way to manually change this.

I'm not sure if there are other options that aren't working, but I under 10.04 is a newer version of Ubuntu and maybe the authors of the tutorial haven't had a chance to update the theme and the instructions.

PLEASE, PLEASE update this tutorial, install script for Ubuntu 10.04.  If you need me to test anything please let me know.
Submitted by Anonymous (not registered) on Tue, 2010-11-30 17:24.


There is a way to get the login page in 10.10 to change, though it is not completely right. Here is the script to run in terminal,

sudo cp /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow

Just copy and paste then log out and wait for appearances to open .

Set it to how you like it then close the window and log in.

Read the P.S. before you Do this so you have it in your head!

Then after you are done run this script so that appearances don't open every time you log in.

sudo unlink /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow/gnome-appearance-properties.desktop

I haven't been able to install the Mac4Lin theme in this way but maybe you will have more luck than I.


Move the theme GTK theme files to your Desktop as the mac4lin folder is not accessible through the downloads file.


Do both the theme and the icons in the same login! That is where I messed up.

Submitted by Jack Noir (not registered) on Wed, 2009-10-21 20:15.
I've done this myself recently and was just looking at the final screen shot you posted and i just wanted to know why you included a shutdown button in the top right, on the panel ? On mine, my log off / shutdown is in the menu accessed through the apple logo in the top left, on the panel, which is the main gnome menu. Aesthetically this looks much nicer i think. I also think Cairo dock does a better job of representing the Mac dock too.
Submitted by ashulinux (registered user) on Sun, 2009-07-12 21:05.


It is indeed a great piece of work. I was successfully able to install Mac4Lin theme on Ubuntu 9.04 running on my laptop. 

Till now I haven't faced any issues. Shall post if any.

Thanks again

Submitted by infra_red_dude (not registered) on Sat, 2009-07-18 17:02.

Thank you all for your support and appreciation.

 I've released Mac4Lin v1.0 which does most of all that you ask for. Suggestions and feedback are welcome, as always :) You can download it at

Mac4Lin is one of the finalists at Community Choice Awards 2009. If you like Mac4Lin then do vote for it here:

Voting is open till July 20th 2009. 


Submitted by 2noob2banoob (not registered) on Tue, 2009-06-30 17:02.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a .sh file which does all this automatically when called from the terminal with the su or sudo command? Just a suggestion for bored programmers. It would also be nice to have the menubar on the panel just like in Mac OS X, but I suspect achieving this can be a real pain in Linux. Apart from that, this all seems pretty awesome, the last screenshot is indistinguable from real Mac OS X Leopard and I might be doing this on my experimental Linux Mint box.
Submitted by ShastaMcShasta (not registered) on Fri, 2009-07-03 01:01.
Actually, there is a program for the Gnome panel called Global Menu that emulates the Mac Menu perfectly by moving the menu options from the window itself to the panel.  Currently it doesn't work with Firefox (and of course Songbird, since they share common code) or OpenOffice, but for everything else it's a pretty sweet deal.  Also, the first time I tried Mac4Lin, I used a .sh script.  Granted, that was from a different website.  But it worked perfectly.
Submitted by Quentin (not registered) on Tue, 2008-12-23 17:46.
The provided Firefox themes are not compatible with the current version (3.0.5).
Submitted by Anonymous (not registered) on Sat, 2008-09-13 07:12.
You can also use Songbird as an iTunes look like.