How To Upgrade DRBD Userland Version To 8.3.9 Under OpenSUSE 11.4 - Page 2

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Submitted by wintel2006 (Contact Author) (Forums) on Wed, 2011-05-11 16:27. ::

Step 2. Now download drbd 8.3.9 which matches the kernel built-in module, unzip it, and prepare the installation on both servers

cd ../
tar zxvf drbd-8.3.9.tar.gz

Now compile drbd (I need to enable pacemaker for heartbeat cluster purposes). See the following four screenshots please.

cd drbd-8.3.9/
./configure --prefix=/usr --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc --with-utils --with-pacemaker
make KDIR=/usr/src/linux
make install

Now create the default /etc/drbd.conf configuration file, and this is my configuration file:

global {
    usage-count no;
common {
    syncer { rate 100M; }
    protocol      C;
resource postgres {
    startup {
       wfc-timeout 0;
    disk { on-io-error detach; }
    on drbd1 {
       device      /dev/drbd0;
       disk        /dev/sdb;
       meta-disk   internal;
    on drbd2 {
       device      /dev/drbd0;
       disk        /dev/sdb;
       meta-disk   internal;

And here is the /etc/hosts file on drbd1: drbd2 drbd1


Step 3. Copy /etc/drbd.conf and /etc/hosts from server drbd1 to server drbd2

scp /etc/hosts drbd2:/etc
scp /etc/drbd.conf drbd2:/etc


Step 4. Configure DRBD on both drbd1 and drbd2

drbdadm create-md postgres
modprobe drbd
drbdadm up postgres


Step 5. Now activate the primary node on either server, drbd1 or drbd2 (NOT BOTH), and I choose drbd2:

drbdadm -- --overwrite-data-of-peer primary postgres

You could check the initialization process on both servers with:

cat /proc/drbd


Step 6. Start drbd server on both servers

/etc/init.d/drbd start

Check drbd status on server drbd1 (secondary/primary):

And check drbd status on server drbd2 (primary/secondary):

Bingo, it works now. From this point you can go ahead and test drbd, mysql/postgresql active/passive server. There are tons of documentations online talking about this topic.

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