Deploying A Content Filtering Proxy Server To Distribute Controlled Internet Access With SafeSquid

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From: at: 2009-07-06 07:17:52

SafeSquid released a Windows Version, called SafeSquid Personal (free, but limited to 3 users), and SafeSquid Business Editions (commercial, available from 5 to 800 users). These editions support Windows 2000, 2003 & XP. The free edition is available for download here.

To install SafeSquid for Windows, download and run the setup file. Installation is straight forward, and should run without changing the default parameters, except the path to the log files, and the LISTEN parameter. By default, the LISTEN parameter is set to This will make it available only from the system on which it is installed. Change this to your <SYSTEM_LAN_IP>:8080, to make it available to other systems in the network.

Everything else, including the Web GUI, and other functionality, remains the same. So you can refer to my other tutorials on SafeSquid, for configuring it.

From: Steve at: 2012-09-21 08:52:35

The installation work without errors but when i try to login at given adress:port (static 8080 there is none empty or refuses connection non existent !!! I have found login problems entry back in 2003 year ! Unbelievable ! And there is no fix as to day ! I have installed this thing on various win just to see what is the problem but an all win and different computers just the same problem . Very disappointing. It seems that developers aren't do their homework properly ! And no fix as to day ! I have to point to that if can not be logged in and setup then app can be diamant, platin what so ever ... if one can not use it then is useless ! At my opinion using browser for it is very crappy decision as browsers are most vulnerable app and huge threat to OS as newer being properly secured sandboxed isolated from inside out ! And there clearly not working for it ! And there is no gui for it ! How can one even use it ??? I give up on this with such app user only get nerves sky high and waist of time ! At his point this is a professional denial login app and nothing else and completely useless !!!  You should contact the developers and point to this glitch ! This must be working flawlessly like Usergate or others !!!