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    Hello guyz, need some help setting up Zimbra. I'm stuck due to not fully understanding how to make my SMTP work and DNS setup. I will start off by explaining my network setup.

    ADSL Router --> Firewall "" --> Switch <--- Server OSX "" "DNS Zone = server.name.int" "Domain = name.int"

    At the moment my email is hosted by hosting provider, and I would like to keep it that way so basically, I would like to setup Zimbra on its separate computer connect to switch place it on the LAN! behind the firewall, all the SMTP must go through the smtp on Firewall "". I do not understand how or what the DNS zone should be, do I need to create new zone or just add another machine entry mapping it to the Zimbra ip "" what should be entered in the resolve.conf and hosts what should be the hostname and domain name that I chose during the Zimbra setup.

    Should I then just setup Zimbra for localuser and add external account for each email, the only difficulty with that is I was unable to send out emails..

    PLease advise me on what can be done and how?

    Thank you
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