Zfs for linux finally!

Discussion in 'General' started by darshin, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. darshin

    darshin New Member

    As we all know, ZFS is by far the best file system and so far was only usable over Solaris.

    People have workarounds and solutions which are kind of 2nd tone replacements, but either ways, all these solutions are not really good replacements as they either are not stable enough or lack some of the salient features of ZFS.

    We at KQ, have finally succeeded in porting ZFS to Linux ! No hidden surprises, we have indeed ported ZFS on Linux (the main one, not any workaround modes here!!! :)

    We are releasing the closed beta in last week of August/first week of september and are looking for closed beta customers who can test it for free on some environments.

    Mail me at [email protected] to register.

    Feel free to put forward any questions as well.

    Kind Regards,
    Manager (ZFS on Linux)
    KQ Infotech
  2. DaveQB

    DaveQB New Member

    Hmmm interesting.

    My understanding is there was never a technical problem with porting Zfs, it would be easy, it was a licensing issue. Hence why you could only get it using fuse, not in the kernel.

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