Zend Optimizer + perfect-server-debian-squeeze-debian 6.0

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    I might have already had this figured out. All that it is required is to download the zend guard for php 5.3, and load the extension. Zend shows up in my config but the files I am trying to load with zend come back with a server error.
    Apparently files encoded for 5.2 wont work with 5.3 and that is the error I am getting.
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    Yeah, that was all it was.

    So if you have any application that uses zend optimizer and you're running php 5.2. If you upgrade to php 5.3 it will stop working. You'll need your application reencoded for php 5.3.

    If you want to install zend guard which is the replacement for optimizer for php 5.3

    Just download 'Zend Guard Loader (Runtime for PHP 5.3)' 32bit or 64bit from...

    Put 'ZendGuardLoader.so' where every you want it to load from.

    Edit php.ini to load the extension




    restart php5-fpm, all set.

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