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  1. mansoor77

    mansoor77 New Member

    Thanks for ur tutorial on Perfect Desktop on Fedora Core 6, Published on Howtoforge.com
    I setup my linux box, now i have a little problem that how to configure xmame for game, I installed xmame and gxmame but it gives error soemthing like " gd error (glideiniEnvirnoment) " kindly tell me how to configure.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    How did you install xmame?
    What's the exact error message?
  3. mansoor77

    mansoor77 New Member

    Dear falko,

    I installed the xmame through Add remove software program within FC6 like you mentioned in your tutorial that how to installed bittorrent amrok etc, and then i installed frontend gxmame and also xmamegui " java froentend".
    And actually it gives no error in front in gxmame just games no shown in list from where i can run, when i run xmamegui i saw this error
    " xmame gui encountered a non-fatal error whilist running java.lang.NullPointerException "

    and when i run any game it give this error
    " unknown option -window
    gd error (glide):_GlideInitEnvirnoment:glide3x.dll expected voodoo^2, none detected "

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