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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ZerD, Aug 4, 2006.

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    hey ppl..

    im seemy a newbie to linux as i have only played around with it, i firend told me about this XGL so i thouhg i would check it out.

    around 6 installs later, VMware and troubles, then testing it on a old seagate HDD, i finally decided to resize my OS hdd and add 12 gig for a dual boot linux partition to install suse 10.1 and XGL and my orginal XP setup.

    I finished that off last night and everything was running great, somehow i must have done something wrong and when i bootted into SUSE this morning, my root account hangs at the loading of 'Windows', the wierd thing is it normally loads the 'taskbar' first.

    so i init 3 and loged back in as my user acount "ZerD" which logged in fine, except that XGL did not seem to be runnig and i have lost my window boarders and i am unable to move windows at all,

    /very frustrating!

    So far i have done the normal and scrapped through screads of fourms and webpages about how to fix it, 99% of them say to insure that my decorator is in the startup under config which it is....

    Under control center / desktop effects setting it shows that 3d acc, and 3d desktop are both enabled and fine....

    it looks like some ppl in the forum could help, not bad really this is my first post i have had to do as a freebie

    well im dead stuck with options so hopefully someone can help me


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