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    I'm used to use XFS. Can I use XFS with IPSConifg3 AND quotas ? My guess is: No, because it seems like XFS does not wokr this the standard quota tools. Is this true ?

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    Wrote the prviouse message after several houres of try and error ... finally I found the solution:


    says that for root filesstems the boot parameter "rootflags=quota,gquota" has to be appended to the kernel command line and all other file systems can only use quotas when qutoas are enabled at boot time !

    Just add "quota,gquota" to the options in fstab.

    My problem was, that "mount" lies about the true status of quota support. When you just add "usrquota,grpquota" to fstab "mount" reports that quota support is enabled but all subsequent calls of quota tools fail. Only /proc/mounts shows correct information for me.
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