xen-shell problem??

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    --> useradd -d /home/test.rayit.com -m -g users -s /bin/bash test.rayit.com

    --> passwd test.rayit.com

    --> chsh -s /usr/bin/xen-login-shell test.rayit.com

    --> visudo

    Add name behind XENUSERS

    User_Alias XENUSERS = test.rayit.com

    Cmnd_Alias XEN = /usr/sbin/xm

    Cmnd_Alias XENIMG = /usr/bin/xen-create-image


    Xen vm works perfect
    only the xen-shell I log in as the user and I see the blue screen and than it throws me out again.

    [screen is terminating]

    In the logs:
    Sep 19 09:44:07 rayittest sshd[29282]: Accepted password for test.rayit.com from 82.170.xx.xx port 21500 ssh2
    Sep 19 09:44:07 rayittest sshd[29296]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user test.rayit.com by (uid=0)
    Sep 19 09:44:14 rayittest sshd[29296]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user test.rayit.com

    Any ideas where there is the problem.
    Many thanks
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  2. rayit

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    found a fix

    after some struggling
    I made a new xen domU and named it without dots .
    Then xen-shell worked.
    so probably dots are nor supported !!

    A lot of rescripting work for me hihi.

    maybe someone knows a solution for this..

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