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    I setup XEN on SUSE 11.1 this week and all is going well except for one issue.

    I have a Win 2k3 Guest machine. This machine monitors all network traffic. We have a port on one of our switches that has all network traffic forwarded to it. Then the program monitors it.

    The linux host machine works fine using the connection with all data being forwarded to it. I ran a packet sniffer on it, and it does indeed have the entire network being forwarded to it. Where I have the trouble is when I get on the Guest machine running Windows 2k3. About 30 seconds after logging in I lose the ability to connect to the internet, etc. However if I were to unplug and replug the ethernet cable I could get another 30 seconds of use. It appears that it's being over saturated or something. This was never an issue using the same setup only no a psychical not Virtualized machine. Any ideas?

    Is there a way to limit the speed at which the guest machine receives data? Or a way to filter all protocols except for http and https?

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