Xen DomU cannot go/ping external

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    Finaly i got my servers working. i have posted about that before and i found out that it was the NFS servers that was the problem, after uninstalling that and installing GlusterFS that workes just fine.

    But to my problem.

    My DomU's cannot ping or do anything external, not dns or ip, on either of the 2 Xen servers. The Dom0 can ping and do everything, and i have the same /etc/resovled.conf file on both the Dom0's and the DomU's. I can access the DomU's from outside.

    i have seen that sometimes the DomU's can ping external but after a few sec/mins it fails again.

    I also have problem reciving emails on both DomU's with postfix

    This is the only thing that happens when the server tries to get a email. and i thing this has something to do about the resolve issue

    Some info:
    On the both DomU's i have 1 external IP eth0, and 1 virtual eth0:1 and a internal ip on eth1 connected with a crossed cable between the machines

    iptables --list gives me this on the Dom0. could this problem be because its only the local ip that is forwared?. if so can someone tell me how to change this, i suck on iptables
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    Found the problem.
    My interfaces file looked like this
    and after changing it to this it started to work on both machines.

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