Xen Cluster Management With Ganeti On Debian Etch

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    i just want to ask if it is possible to create NON remote_raid1 instance, something like :

    gnt-instance add -t LOCAL -n node2.example.com -o debian-etch -s 5g --swap-size 256 -m 64 inst1.example.com

    and then after some time migrate this node to remote_raid1 instance, like:

    gnt-instance add -t remote_raid1 -n node2.example.com --secondary-node node1.example.com -o debian-etch -s 5g --swap-size 256 -m 64 inst1.example.com


    than i want to ask if someone tried to create or somehow modify ganeti to be able to define more LVM partitions/volume groups for one instance, not only root and swap as was introduced in http://www.howtoforge.com/ganeti_xen_cluster_management_debian_etch

    -s 5g --swap-size 256

    thnx, best regards.

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    Yes, you can create local instances, using -t plain... However you won't be able to migrate them to other nodes, or remove nodes with plain instances on them without removing those, so it's not the recommended setup.

    Regarding disks you *may* be able to overcome the limitation by hacking the config file, but that's unsupported. People have reported to succeed doing this, at least for network interfaces (which have the same limitation). Right now the best option is to just organize things in two disks and wait for ganeti 1.3 which will have the multidisk/nic feature...

    You can ask more about ganeti by joining the project ML at http://code.google.com/p/ganeti



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