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    our server unfortunatelly was unstable and we have to hard reboot it few times and I found problem with quotas after hard reboot. Some websites has wrong quota set after boot. I discovered that these sites had set additional disc quota but these additional quota was removed after reboot. For example:

    Website has 1000 MB quota set
    I added 500 MB to this website
    Website has 1500 MB disc quota - hd_quota in web_domain table is set to 1500 MB
    After hard reboot real disc quota for the web is set to 1000 MB - repquota -avugs |grep webXX show 1000M

    I can change website quota or resynchronize websites to fix it. But it is real problem when current website hd usage is more than 1000 MB. After hard reboot the web is over quota and websites with file cache show errors.

    With lot of websites the manual change of website quota is not possible. Resynchronization of all websites takes about 30 minutes and apache is rebooted each minute during resynchronization.

    Is it possible to resynchronize quotas only?
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    No. But you can switch off the apache reboot after each change by disabling the http syntax check under System > server config > web. But be aware, if one site has a wrong syntax which was not written till now because the syntax check prevented it, then this wrong syntax will get written in that case and apache will refuse to start at the end and you will have to fix the affected config file manually after the sync.
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    Hi Till,
    good to know it. Thank you

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