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Discussion in 'General' started by bruno_floyd, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. bruno_floyd

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    Hi guys,

    I'm using ISPConfig last version, with the multiserver setup. On my Mailserver, I initially installed squirrelmail and then installed Roundcube, following a tutorial I found on Howtoforge...

    I changed the maildir on the ISPConfig interface and moved my emails to this folder. I can access the webmail interface, read my old emails, send emails, but I can't received any, because the new incoming email are going to the old folder: "/var/vmail"

    I've looked up on the postfix and courier configuration and didn't have any success... does anyone have a clue?

    Thanks! ;)
  2. till

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    The maildir path should never be changed on a server that has mailboxes as this change will break the whole setup. The change that you did in the ispconfig interface is only the path for new maildirs, not for existing ones.

    You will have to change the path in the .mailfilter file which is in the mail root folder (normally /var/vmail) and then you will have to change the mail paths for all users in mail_user table.
  3. bruno_floyd

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    on the database the path is correct, for all the users...

    I found the .mailfilter file on /var/vmail. Can I edit the path there, to the new path? The .mailfilter is gonna still there, pointing to the new path?

    I appreciate your help!

    Edit: Till, I changed the path on .mailfillter on /var/vmail and checked that there's the same file on my desired path (/mail).
    I created a new account through the interface and everything was created correctly... I'm sending emails but not receiving yet.
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  4. bruno_floyd

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    I found out what was wrong.

    I had already moved all my emails to the new format, it was sending with no problems but the emails i received were being sent to the default folder (/var/vmail) while i wanted them to go to somewhere else (/mail).

    In the main.cf file on /etc/postfix two parameters were missing:

    mail_spool_directory = /mail
    home_mailbox = Maildir/

    Once i added those the emails started to go to the correct directory.

    Thanks till!

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