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  1. willebanks

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    Howdy all,

    I am planning on hosting my own blog...no groans please! I have installed WordPress before but that was long before I was using ISPConfig and on a different server.
    My fear is that WordPress will make changes to my system and screw things all up. I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with compatibility between ISPConfig and WordPress.

    Also I am looking for a Linux oriented ( ie: pictures) web template...I'm thinking of hosting a Linux page that compares Windows and/or commerical software verses similar Linux / OpenSource software. I know that there are thousands of Linux webpages, but I want to present Linux and other OpenSource software from a new users prospective while also showing that there are alternatives to Windows / commerical software.

    Any help is as always appreciated.

  2. jjw

    jjw New Member

    I've used Wordpress for nearly a year now. Pretty cool thing. It uses only a single database, and if you create a user for that DB that has no global write privileges, you are probably OK. Well, that is opinion/conjecture.

    I've been real happy using Gimp and Simple Gallery, a plug in based on Python.


    <edit> though, I may have misuinderstood your second question.
  3. till

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    Dont worry, wordpress and ISPConfig work pretty well together. I have several wordpress installations on one of my servers.

    Just create a website in ISPConfig, create a mysql database for wordpress in this ISPConfig website and then download and install wordpress to the website root of the newly created website.

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