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    Hi, so we use ISPConfig a little differently. We are not a hosting company. We use it to host our application for a few different clients. Our main business website is the main root site. Everythings else is a subdomain.

    Our main business website is abccompany.com. We installed wordpress so we can develope a new site. we access that at abccompany.com/wordpress. The site is ready and I wanted to have it live. I did a redirect L in ISPC3 wih the Redirect Path as /wordpress/. The new site now loads when we go to abccompany.com. The think we would like, is to hide the /wordpress path in the browser, so it will just show abccompany.com. I tried to move the wordpress directory to the root but it broke stuff. So is there a way to have it only show abccompany.com?

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    I would move WordPress to the root directory, this must be possible. Most likely the old path is somewhere in the database, you can use phpmyadmin to search for the old path and fix it, the same for the URL. Don't forget to make a backup of the databse before you modify it in case that something breaks. and don't forget to move the .htaccess file from /wordpress/ to the web root folder and check it if it contains the /wordpress path as well.
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    Thanks, I was able to get it moved!
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