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Discussion in 'General' started by onastvar, May 17, 2014.

  1. onastvar

    onastvar Member

    I have a wordpress site with simple contact form setup to send messages to a gmail account. Every time I fill out the form and submit message goes to gmail SPAM folder.

    This is from the message headers:

    Received-SPF: none (google.com: webmaster@mydomain.com does not designate permitted sender hosts) client-ip=111.222.333.444;
    Authentication-Results: mx.google.com;
    spf=neutral (google.com: webmaster@mydomain.com does not designate permitted sender hosts) smtp.mail=webmaster@mydomain.com

    I don't have email account webmaster@mydomain.com i tried creating one but still same issue message ends up in gmail spam folder.

    Anyone has similar issue or would know how to troubleshoot or fix.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. frprim

    frprim New Member

    Do you have PTR records set for your domain? Can you post your SPF record here?
  3. florian030

    florian030 ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

  4. onastvar

    onastvar Member

    I have PTR records set for my main domain. I don't have SPF record, I tried setting one up, for mydomain.com still same issue.

    Changing the email-address in wordpress to webmaster@mydomain.com or another email I've created didn't help
    Under php options for mydomain.com I've try adding sendmail_from = webmaster@yourdomain.com still same messages in email header.

    Would installing your ISPConfig 3 DKIM plugin resolve this issue?

    Thanks both for your help.
  5. frprim

    frprim New Member


    Setting DKIM is more optional thing than a de facto standard. At least for now. I doubt that setting DKIM will help you with gmail since gmail accept mail even from less reliable sources than the ones without DKIM.
    But, its always good thing to have extra indentifiers avaliable for your mail.
  6. onastvar

    onastvar Member

    Thanks Frprim! I just installed WordPress plugin Easy SMTP Mail which worked in this case. It sends email from one of the email accounts I've created under mydomain. Plugin is using SMTP to send email from Contact Form in WordPress, and it goes to Gmail's Inbox folder rather than SPAM.

    Thanks for your quick responses.

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