Wireless card with Fedora 9

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by peejay1977, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. peejay1977

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    Hi all,

    First off I am a total Linux virgin. Worked in PC/Server support for 14 years but never really taken an interest in Linux until now.

    I have completely binned Vista on my desktop in favour of Kubuntu and after a few teething issues have most packages installed, including Virtual Box OSE and Wine.

    I have installed Fedora 9 on my wife's old laptop and we have a Netgear WG111v2 USB wireless adapter for it. However I am aware of the issues getting it to work.

    This has led me in the direction of NDISWRAPPER but unfortunately I cannot get this to install and anything else I try and install after Googling the problem doesnt seem to work.

    The error I am getting is the common :

    [[email protected] ndiswrapper-1.53]$ make 
    make -C driver 
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/steff/Desktop/ndiswrapper-1.53/driver' 
    Makefile:23: *** Kernel tree not found - please set KBUILD to configured kernel.  Stop. 
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/steff/Desktop/ndiswrapper-1.53/driver' 
    make: *** [all] Error 2 
    A bit of research has led me onto several fixes, some mentioning installed kernel-devel-..... files but nothing seems to succeed and I'm halted by an error no matter what I do.

    In case it matters, a uname -r provides this info, if its relevant...


    Any help would be most appreciated as at this point I'm wondering if its easier to just buy a USB-RJ45 adapter......

    Many Thanks

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  2. falko

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    Isn't there an ndiswrapper package in the repositories? What's the output of
    yum search ndiswrapper
  3. peejay1977

    peejay1977 New Member

    Does that require some form of active internet connection? Unfortunately the laptop in question only has a modem and no ethernet port.
  4. peejay1977

    peejay1977 New Member

    I managed to copy over and install the kernel-devel package but when installing NDISWRAPPER I now get a different error :

    [[email protected] Desktop]# rpm -ivh kmod-ndiswrapper-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686-1.52-30.lvn9.i686.rpm 
    warning: kmod-ndiswrapper-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686-1.52-30.lvn9.i686.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID a109b1ec
    error: Failed dependencies:
            kmod-ndiswrapper >= 1.52-30.lvn9 is needed by kmod-ndiswrapper-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686-1.52-30.lvn9.i686
            ndiswrapper-kmod-common >= 1.52 is needed by kmod-ndiswrapper-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686-1.52-30.lvn9.i686
    So I thought OK, I'll install the kmod-ndiswrapper-1.52.30.lvn9.rpm file and see if the first dependency clears up, instead I get this error :

    [[email protected] Desktop]# rpm -ivh kmod-ndiswrapper-1.52-30.lvn9.i686.rpm 
    warning: kmod-ndiswrapper-1.52-30.lvn9.i686.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID a109b1ec
    error: Failed dependencies:
            kmod-ndiswrapper-2.6.25-14.fc9.i686 = 1.52-30.lvn9 is needed by kmod-ndiswrapper-1.52-30.lvn9.i686
    I'm determined not to let this beat me so I appreciate everyones patience!
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  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, that's right. Please go online and try again.

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