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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by AEngineer, Nov 23, 2006.

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    In another post I addressed my unsuccessful efforts to install VMWare server though I found that I could install VMWare player from the Ubuntu "universe". I realized as a result of this that I don't know enough about compiling software to do it with any confidence.

    My conclusion, therefore is that for the foreseeable future I want to use only installations that I can address via the Synaptic Package Manager or an equivalent. Which leads to my question.

    Is there a way of installing a licensed copy Windows XP under Ubuntu Edgy that uses only the package manager (or equivalent) and then the software it installs - no compilations?

    I suspect the software would be VMWare (if it's necessary I'm willing to pay for Workstation if that can be installed without compile-level mysteries), but could happily use another approach. I want something that can be updated via the package manager (or equivalent).

    The goal of all this is to run Ubuntu as my prime OS, but still use some of my Windows-only software that I must have available. I'm much more concerned about maintainability, reliability and ease of use than I am about the money (though I care about that too).

    Thanks for guidance.

    Jim Mitchell
  2. domino

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    You can mount a pre-made windowsxp virtual appliance, but you can not make them under vmware player. there is a how-to on this site that will help you create a windowsxp virtual appliance image without vmware server or vmware workstation installed.

    The windowsxp install is straight forward, just like a normal installation on a native install (a real computer). The only hill you have to climb is vmware player installation and creating a vitual image to install windowsxp on.

    If you are not using your current windowsxp license on any other computer, I think you can use your serial number to install on a virtual appliance. Then you woldn't have to buy another license.
  3. sjau

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    Installing the vmware server is really now deal...
    Once vmware is running you put your windows cd into the cd drive and create a new virtual machine within vmware... then it will boot and start win from the cd hence start normally installing it :)
  4. falko

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    No, there are no such packages available as both VMware and Windows are not open-source and have commercial licenses.

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