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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mehdik, Feb 21, 2011.

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    hello all
    i am new in linux environment. sorry for my poor skills.

    i am looking for a solution to integrate ubntu desktop any version to our MS 2003 domain, i will try to explain my situation:
    on my organisation i have MS domain with active directory 2003 and windows XP , however i would like to implementing 30 PCs linux box to my MS domain with authentication Active directory, managing profile ...etc
    does anyone can share or help me with link or documentation how can i build this environment ? Or How can i build full environment with Linux Server ( authentication, DNS, Mail.....ect) with Linux Desktop? how can i manage 30 profile on the linux server ?

    thanks a lot and Best Regard
  2. Rudika79

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    If you want integrate Ubuntu Desktop machine to Windows Active Directory then you can try this tutoriak from Ubuntu web page:

    If you want reinstall your Windows server to example Ubuntu server then you need install couple programs

    For Active Directory type authentication you need to install LDAP Server
    For DNS you need to install BIND
    For Mail you need to install Postfix
    If you want to access Linux server with Windows machine you need to install Samba server.


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