Windows 7 IP address limited connectabilty

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by renegadeviking, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Hi, I have limited internet connectivity and no network access in Windows 7. I look at the IPconfig and it has a lot of ff0faa4dbd2:22gfdlj in place of any iP address except the IPv4 one. What do I do about this? Reinstall.

    Tried IPconfig /refresh and it failed. I have a netgear MIMO router. Oh and my PC connects to the router fine. The IP address is the problem otherwise I would get numbers instead of f0faa4dbd2:22gfdlj.

    Anyone with a solution?

    Thx. Your friend,

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  2. matey

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    Unfortunately this is a common problem even in XP, usually happens in a Laptop computers.
    I have seen this in few places (may be they just happen to have a laptop and may be unrelated to the brand of network card?).
    But the easiest solution is to do ipconfig /renew
    if that does not work, you have to disable the network card (or physically turn it off) wait a minute and then turn it on.
    Also sometimes just a reboot will correct the problem.
    I have been trying to find out why, myself but have not been successful.
    I am suspicious about the NIC in the computer tho bcs for instance my laptop which is an MSI has no problem using the same router as my sister who has to constantly fight this problem! She is using a Compaq laptop and it only happens to her?!

    Anyway if you find out anything, please let us know.

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