Windows 7 does not see samba on network

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by LinuxPete, Sep 7, 2011.

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    In the process of solving a problem with my router I stumbled on a fix for a problem that I gave up on. Window could not and would not see my Samba shares. When I set up my Fedora13 system earlier this year I could see the laptops (XP and Win7) and the samba shares on from the windows network.

    After one of the infamous win7 updates, it went away and I could not see the samba shares from win7 no matter what I did. The XP box was OK and I could still ftp to the Linux box.

    The problem appears to be that windows does not accept any network name but "workgroup". If you change it on the win7 side, you are on your on and you may find that windows has reset it to workgroup after a software update.

    I changed my network name to workgroup in win7 and in the samba interface and now I can see all of my shares.

    Hope this helps someone. Spend a lot of time changing security settings in w7 without fixing the problem. But this seems to have fixed my problem.

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