Will re-installing delete existing data?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by BorderAmigos, Apr 25, 2009.

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    I'm trying to get the email server to relay thru an external server. I followed a How To elsewhere on the site but now it doesn't work at all. My server is on a dynamic DNS and the email is blacklisted by SpamHaus because of that. The external server refuses connection but I'll save that issue for later.

    So I'm thinking to rerun the install for ISPConfig 3 to bring the local mail server back to the initial state. But I have a week or so invested in setting up websites, databases and DNS records. Will running the install again wipe these out or leave them as configured? If it will wipe them out I'll spend some more time messing with the Postfix config before doing that.
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    Relaying trough another server has nothing to do with ispconfig, so reinstalling ispconfig will not change naything and also you will loose all data of course when you reinstall.
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    As a follow up on this thread in case anyone runs across it... too many threads are left open when the problem was solved without saying how it was solved.

    I had to re-install ISPConfig 3 for another reason anyway. I foolishly installed MyDNSConfig 3 which made ISPConfig 3 inaccessible. (You may want to put a note about that in the MyDNSConfig notes). Anyway, I exported the database before re-installing then imported after installing ISPConfig 3 and nothing was lost. All the websites, dns records, etc are intact.
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