will ispconfig live through a dist-upgrade

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  1. I currently have a production server running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and ispconfig 3.1.2. I recently ran security patches and did updates. Everything is running fine ... mostly. I noticed that even though Ubuntu is supporting 16.04, PHP is not supporting version 7.0 of their language which is what 16.04 runs. If I run an upgrade in place of that machine, will ispconfig survive?

    I couldn't find any answers to this question in the forums, but If you have, please point me to the links.
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    Do the dist-upgrade following Ubuntu instructions and using do-release-upgrade.
    After that, you must go through ISPConfig Perfect Server Guide for the Ubuntu version you upgraded to. This is to get necessary software packages installed and fix configurations that may be different now.
    Then force ISPConfig to do reconfigure services by downloading latest ISPConfig installer, extract the latest version, chdir into install and run php -q update.php. Then remember to let the update.php do the reconfigure services.
    If the above seems risky, and too long downtime in the worst case, there is an alternative: install a new ISPConfig setup with the new Ubuntu and ISPConfig, then run ISPConfig Migration Tool to copy users, databases, e-mails and files over to the new setup.
  3. Hi, thanks for that. Thankfully, this is a virtual machine. I can clone it and test the procedure. It also has a slave server talking to it which is already on 18.04. So this is good. I'll let you know how all this goes.

    Thanks again for your help.

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