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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by thetekgeek, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. thetekgeek

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    I have an ISPConfig server that has been running for many months now with no problems.

    Today, I added another domain to the server and did the setup the same way as I always have.

    When you go to access the website for the domain, you get a different website for another domain that I am hosting. I cannot figure out why. Anyone have any idea what I might have missed here?

  2. thetekgeek

    thetekgeek New Member

    I think I found the problem.. Now to figure out how to fix it.

    In the domain Co-Domains tab for the site that is coming up in the place of my site, it has an entry with an * in the hostname column and the domain listed under domain. When I click on it to remove it, I am told that I dont have the permission to access it.

    Any way to get rid of it? And, any idea why/how it got there?
  3. thetekgeek

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    I now have gotten that removed from the other website, now the site comes up as it should. However, I cannot access this site without the use of www. in the address bar. So, normally I would create a co-domain with an empty hostname so that it responds when people don't use www.... When I try to create it, I get the error message telling me that it is already in use. Nothing in any recycle bins that I can find.

    Any ideas?
  4. thetekgeek

    thetekgeek New Member

    Problem is taken care of.

    I had to backup the database (just in case), then edit the isp_isp_domain table and remove the entries that were stuck there for some reason. After doing this, I was able to make the changes in ISPConfig.

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