Why would I disable Apparmor?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kramer65, Jun 7, 2012.

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    So far I like ISPConfig very much. In the guide I used to setup my server it has one step (step10) in which the author advises to disable and remove Apparmor. I do like to keep Apparmor installed though. So in order to see what the problems are with the combination of Apparmor and ISPConfig I created another server in which I left Apparmor installed.

    To my surprise however, the whole setup went without problems and the server is now running perfectly well, even though the author of the guide says that "disabling Apparmor is a must if you want to install ISPConfig later on"

    So my question: does anybody know the reason why this guide advises to disable Apparmor? Are there any potential problems which I haven't come across yet?

    All ideas are welcome!
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    There are no specific problems with ispconfig, just general problems that apparmor caused scripts and applications to fail on hosting systems due to false positives or non optimal rules that were delivered with apparmor. We had seen problems in the past that apparmor blocked services or the execution of scripts like cgi scripts etc. If you dont see any such problems on your server, then you can keep apparmor acticated. Maybe the apparmor rules had improved in the meantime so that these false positives dont occur anymore.
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    Ah, alright. In that case I will leave Apparmor untouched.

    Thanks again for the answer and for building ISPConfig. So far I think it's great software! Also, the eprfect Server-guides are really good!

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