why multiple domains are directed towards same the host

Discussion in 'General' started by c-gundo, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. c-gundo

    c-gundo New Member

    I have a strange problem with my (new) server (OVH.net automatic installation)
    i have 2 domains http://www.cgundoffice.com and http://www.modulance.net
    each are configured on a separed DNS server with the A Zone linked to the IP of the ISPconfig3 server
    On the ISPconfig3 server, i have created 2 sites, one for each domains

    But now, when i try to connect to those URL, each of them are directed to the same domain (http://www.cgundoffice.com) ... why ?

    any suggestion ?

    thx :)
  2. kwickcut

    kwickcut Member HowtoForge Supporter

    check and make sure the two site directories are not the same

  3. c-gundo

    c-gundo New Member

    i have checked the folder
    and also the vhost files

          DocumentRoot /var/www/cgundoffice.com/web
        ServerName cgundoffice.com
        ServerAlias www.cgundoffice.com
        ServerAdmin [email protected]
        ErrorLog /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/cgundoffice.com/error.log
          DocumentRoot /var/www/modulance.net/web
        ServerName modulance.net
        ServerAlias www.modulance.net
        ServerAdmin [email protected]
        ErrorLog /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/modulance.net/error.log
    but what i see is that all the request to my server go to the same host ... same host

    i have reloaded Apache, restart the server ... not better
  4. c-gundo

    c-gundo New Member


    i have found the solution :)
    in the web domain config page, i must set IP on * and not on the real IP of the server :rolleyes:
    apache restart and all work fine

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