Why can I not install a Mirroiring slave server later?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pierrot10, Apr 12, 2011.

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    Dear All,

    I am still confusing with my installation and I will really appreciate your point fo view.

    Even if it is not the best, I would like to start as the follwing

    First server:
    disk 1 100G (Raid1)
    /tmp (10G)

    Disk 2 2T (Raid 1)
    /var/vmail vmail
    /var/www www
    /var/lib/mysql myql

    Disk3 2T (Backup of Disk2)

    Later I like to install a Slave server in order to have a miroiring.
    I do not understand why it is not possible.

    When I will be ready for installing the Slave (may be one year Later),
    Could I not install GlusterFS and Fuse On the Master and the new Slave and the directories for the Gulster Volumes (Following the instruction of pages 45 to55 of the Manual) ?

    Or, if in one year I decide to add a mirroiring slave,
    I could make a new installation of IspConfig for mirroiring. But if I ahev undred domain and email account, I do not want to reconfigure all of them.
    Then is it enough to backup /usr/local/ispconfig directory?
    and restaure it when IspCOnfig is installed in Mirroring?

    Many thank for your help and advices!!

  2. till

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    ISPConfig Mirrors changes in (near) realtime to the new server. And only changes are mirrored, so if you add a mirror server later, it missas all the changes that have been done before. For that reason, the master and mirror have to be installed together.

    No. This directory contains the ispconfig software and not the server configuration.

    If you want to add a slave later, you would have to go trough all config files in /etc and add all lines and files that were missing there compared to the master. But do not copy them over, as some lines in /etc/passwd, shadow, group and gshadow have to be different on each server!
  3. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    ok then where is the server configuration folder/files?

    I can make a new installation , later. But I have to make sure to back up the server config and mail, web and BD.
    Then I can restaure its to the new 2 mirroiring server.

    Does it make an issue, if I have /var/ in anther Disk than the OS?
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