WHMCS integration plugin-is it maintained?

Discussion in 'Plugins/Modules/Addons' started by adamjedgar, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. adamjedgar

    adamjedgar Member

    Hi guys,
    i have been looking at ISPConfig integration with whmcs. I realise that there is at least one ispconfig whmcs plugin/module, however,

    1. Is it actively maintained?
    2. Does it need to be actively maintained in order to keep my server and whmcs safe?
    3. Will it work with php 7 and whmcs 7?
    4. A number of registrars use SOAP with their whmcs API's now (both of mine do), does the ispconfig whmcs integration plugin need to be configured to use this, or is it only controlled via the server itself? (i realise the server needs to be SOAP compliant but not sure if this affects whmcs API registrar modules?)
  2. concept21

    concept21 Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    There were 2 WHMCS plugins for ISPConfig but none works now.
  3. adamjedgar

    adamjedgar Member

    doh. That is a complete pain. So we have a control panel that is great, and no way of clients purchasing services through a shopping cart and auto provisioning an existing webhosting or email service package on ispconfig server?
  4. HSorgYves

    HSorgYves Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    There are solutions for that besides WHMCS.
  5. ztk.me

    ztk.me ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    probably there wasn't enough interest to maintain WHCMS modules. However, have a look at
    and add what's missing and if you did something useful to it, it would be nice common practice to give feedback to the Author by returning code and maybe some support however it looks like - if more ppl did that.... you can imagine ;)

    however if the Author is not responding / has no interest in maintaining anymore already, would still be nice to put modified content back to github or here since you did profit from someone elses work and maybe others will do aswell, which would mean you profit again without doing anything or paying someone to work on again ( didn't say never again )
  6. adamjedgar

    adamjedgar Member

    if i had the ability and experience i would help maintain this module, however, i havent a clue what to do.
  7. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    The module which I wrote still works fine with WHMCS 7.x and the latest ISPConfig.
  8. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Yes and no. It is open source, so anyone can modify it as they see fit. Yet there has not been any bugs that I am aware of, so there has not been changes for some time. This is also due to me not having the time due to some projects which I have been involved with. Some of those have now completed, so I am hoping to get back to improving the module further.

    Its the same as any software. You should always check it. There is always the possibility of security issues. Though I am not aware of any. If they were found and reported, I would look into it as a matter of urgency.
    Yes it works fine with WHMCS 7. I have it running under 7.3.0 without modification.
    Yes the module uses SOAP to communicate with the ISPConfig servers API. So your WHMCS host will require the soap php modules
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  9. adamjedgar

    adamjedgar Member

    Thanks that is really appreciated.

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