Which would be the best Web Dev Install?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mickbw, Apr 30, 2007.

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    I will freely admit that I am a noob at using Linux.

    I am receiving a new laptop in approximately a week and intend to do most of my development in a Linux workspace in the future. I need the following tools for my work:
    Cold Fusion
    Web Server for localhost previewing of pages - This could be Apache or Tomcat. The most IIS like interface would be my first choice.
    The Eclipse IDE

    My first assumption is that any of the big installs would allow me to use these apps. Is this correct? Which would be my best package to install?:confused:
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    Thanks for the Reply

    Thanks for the reply and the reminder about Aptana. On the windows side, I use Aptana as a plugin in Eclipse so I assumed it would be the same in Linux. I will look into that.

    I have been experimenting with a few Live CD's while waiting for my laptop and thus far have been much more wowed by PCLinuxOS than I was by Ubuntu. I realize I was putting what in most circumstances would be considered server software on a desktop but configuring Apache in PCLinux was easily done through a GUI. If there is such an interface in Ubuntu Desktop, I couldn't find it.

    Once again, thanks for the reply and any other install considerations you could pass on would be greatly appreciated.


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