Which VPN setup so home users can apply parental controls for home users

Discussion in 'Technical' started by adamjedgar, Sep 9, 2018.

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    Hi guys,
    Obviously my need is similar to Nord VPN. However, I am wondering what open source/free vpn server packages are out there that would allow me to setup my own VPN server on one of my existing Google Cloud Compute Instances and be able to then apply parental controls from my home network so my 14 yrold son can access some of the crap on the internet he is currently.

    Eventually, i would like to be able to setup parental control accounts on the server so others can apply parental controls to their own home users when operating through my VPN tunnel.

    Are any of the existing vpn tutorials on Howtoforge capable of helping me meet the above goal?
    Whilst i do build Wordpress websites, and run my own google cloud servers, I am not a programmer or network geek. Is this too ambitious a task?

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