Which IP for dns.

Discussion in 'General' started by xciso, Sep 26, 2013.

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    I have problems to get everything clear.
    My first questions is:
    My server has ip

    I created a website and gave this site a own ip.
    I gave this site ip

    Now when i create dns i should enter ip adress.
    Should i type in the ip for the site or for the server there the ns server is?

    From the manual:
    Fill in the IP address that example.com should point to
    please note that www.example.com and mail.example.com will also point to that IP address

    My second question is how i can get my "main" domain to work.
    My server has hostname s1.xx.com. And now i want to set up a site with domain xx.com, but i cant get this domain to work. All other i set up are working.

    And my 3, and last questions.
    I have 4 ip adresses bind to my server.
    2 of them i have bind to a special client. Then i have 2 left.
    Will it make difference if i set a new set witf * or must i set with servers ip?
    * = wildcard, but i ont understand what they mean.

    Sorry for all my questions. (Ihave already search about this..)

  2. till

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    If the dns record is for your website, then you use the ip address of your website.

    there is no main domain in dns, all domains are equal. Just setup this domain the same ay then all other domains.

    This does not matter as long as you dont mix * and IP address in sites that use the same IP. the reason is that a ip address is a stringer match then a wildcard in apache, so if you would mix them, all sites with * will point to the site were you selected the ip.

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