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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Antony, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Hi folk. I have an old pc sat on my desk which isn't doing anything at present. Without checking I think its a 2.2Ghz with 1Gig ram. I want to set it up as a web server to host my club's web page. What do I need? It sits on my home network and needs to be accessable from outside my network but without making my network visable. Which version of Linux would be the easiest to set up and administer and do I require anything else to set this up. Ive had a brief look for something to point me in the right direction but havent found anything. Im sure there must already be howto guides on this but Im not that familiar with Linux terminology. Or should I just find someone to host it for me?
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    Increased power consumption, increased heat, increased cooling bills, potentially unreliable power. All of these things (I live in the country, 3 second power loss is common) got me to use a linode.com virtual server than to host everything off a machine in my livingroom.

    That said, if your ISP doesn't block port 80 then just forward port 80 on your router to the IP of the server you set up.

    Which Linux? All my servers are Debian, but you may want something with a GUI to get going, so I'd recommend also Ubuntu.

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