Where are Aspell dictionaries located in Ubuntu 18.04? (Need to install personal word list.)

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  1. Swarup

    Swarup New Member

    I've been using Aspell for years in Ubuntu. Now having installed Ubuntu 18.04, although Aspell is installed and I have installed the Hindi and Bengali dictionaries, but I am unable to locate them. I need to install my personal word list into the dictionaries.

    Here is how I used to do it in Ubuntu 14.04:

    1. cd /home/swarup/Desktop/aspell6-hi-0.02-0
    2. preunzip hi.cwl
    3. Replace hi.cwl in the distribution with my hi.cwl
    4. prezip -f hi.wl
    5. ./configure
    6. make
    7. sudo make install

    But in Ubuntu 18.04 I need to know where the Hindi dictionary is, so that I can implement the above sequence of commands.
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Read the Makefile to see where make install copies the files.
    Failing that, if you know the name of one of those files, install mlocate and do
    and when it has finished, use
    locate filenamehere
  3. Swarup

    Swarup New Member

    The dictionaries were installed by Ubuntu's language tool, so I do have the makefile output.
    I think I have the name of one of the files, yes. But if I implement the above command you have given (/etc/cron.daily/mlocate), it is not going to implement some daily chronicalling of files is it? I only want to do this one time work. Just wanting to confirm, prior to executing an order for "cron.daily". Thank you :)

    I just tried the command. Here is the output:
    :~$ /etc/cron.daily/mlocate
    /usr/bin/updatedb.mlocate: can not open a temporary file for `/var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db'

    Note: mlocate is already installed.
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Use sudo before /etc/cron.daily/mlocate
    Then the locate command should find where a file is.
    If you have mlocate installed, it runs once daily the indexing of directories. With the index, locate is very fast to find a file by name. I suggested running /etc/cron.daily/mlocate to force the indexing to happen now, so you do not need to wait until tomorrow for locate to find the files you just installed.
    Also, now that I figured out what you are doing, use
    dpkg --listfiles aspell-hi
    to find where that package installs files.
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