When Should I Upgrade Fedora

Discussion in 'General' started by JVal, May 20, 2011.

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    I am a very happy user of Fedora 12 64bit but I am becoming concerned that I need to upgrade to a later version. For example I am getting messages from VirturalBox to upgrade to version 4.0.6 but when I go to their website all I see is for Fedora 13 and 14.

    When I search on upgrading I see two thoughts, one is to do a clean install of the new version and the other is to use yum update.

    I suppose my greatest fear is that the upgrade will go wrong and I will need to start from scratch. Which brings me to my basic question. If I backup my Home Folder will it contain the majority of the S/W I have installed to be used on the new version or is it like MS Windows where all sorts of system files are scattered in various places and not included in the Home Folder? I am still not very knowledgeable on Fedora's system structure.

    Another issue I read about is that the Boot section /boot needs to be larger than my current size of 193.7MiB with 123.6MiB free. Is there a utility that will increase the size of the /boot section?


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