when should be ispconfig been installed?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pontifex, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. pontifex

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    currently i am setting up a server with debian sarge stable im my local lan. now this server will be sent to the datacenter. should i install ispconfig now or when the server is in the datacenter? (when all ips are changed from lan to public ones?

  2. Rocky

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    I would wait until the ips are changed. Make sure you use a FQDN on the server or the ISPConfig installation will fail.
  3. macawgumbo

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    I would suggest to install it after it is in the datacenter. Though there is only one spot where it actually asks for the ip of the server in the install, so i am sure you could track down that setting or set it to the public ip and just not use ispconfig until it is in the datacenter. ISPConfig has been a hassle for me to get installed. So I would try to replicate the environment you are going to be in permanently to make sure everything is configured correctly and working with minimal amount of headaches.
  4. pontifex

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    thanks very much for you advices!!!! ;-)
  5. denmaus

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    I made it after test period...

    I made the Network-Configuration after the test-phase.
    I had local adresses on my system, like 10.10.x.x

    and i changed it to public adresses afterwards.

    i have followed the debian sarge perfect setup too.

    you have to edit following files:
    and change the IP-Adress in the ISP-Config web-interface.

    But it is allways a good idea to configuire your server with the "right" ip/host/domain-name from beginning, to avoid missconfiguration.
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