wheezy virtual mailboxes (DB) with roundcube, nginx, dovecot, postfix/exim, dovecot

Discussion in 'Suggest HOWTO' started by technokratos, May 20, 2013.

  1. technokratos

    technokratos New Member

    I'd like to propose a little something we'd all love to see. We've seen myriads of tutorials about apache and traditional setups - but hey, what about flexible setup of your own mailserver with virtual mailboxes inside MySQL/mariadb with secure SMTP and IMAP, great RoundCube interface and all running on nginx, not that stinky Apache? I'm sure this would be hot as hell!

    On the whole internet, there is not a single complete and up-to-date tutorial on this kind of setup. Everything is for Debian 6 and with wheezy released, we all get our hopes up!

    If you like my suggestion, do comment, guys, and maybe our show-runner Falko and the great team of HowToForge will surprise us.
  2. blackpit

    blackpit New Member

    I second this proposal. A tutorial using nginx with the aforementioned software versions would be really great, if Falko would be kind enough to take the time to write one!

    The squeeze tutorial is there and could be more than useful, but a wheezy specific guide would be spot on as an updated reference!

    BTW, I've read many guides posted on this website, and I just now took the time to register to say a big thank you to all who have provided us with great guides and information, as well as constructive comments! So, thanks!


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