Whats the simplest way to have a shared folder local and remote access

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  1. steve1084

    steve1084 New Member

    Hi Im looking for a bit of advice

    I have a client that requires a single shared folder for all staff in there office. From 5 to 10 users

    Shared folder also needs to be accessible from outside the office.

    Been having a look at samba and ipcop or vpn but don't know which is the simplest to setup and maintain.

    Client wants simple drag and drop into the shared folder regardless if they are local or remote. Clients are using XP and Vista.

    Any suggestions would be great, point me to a setup guide even better.

  2. steve1084

    steve1084 New Member

    I have also been having a look at Ebox and Im wondering if Ebox and Ispconfig will happily co exist together or not and does it make any difference as to what order they are setup in.

  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That should work, although I haven't tested it. The order doesn't matter (I think).
  4. zejili

    zejili New Member

    How about ifolder? maybe it is not easy to setup.
  5. steve1084

    steve1084 New Member

    Where to get sarge install CD

    Hi Falko

    Thanks Ill give it a go with Ebox and ispconfig

    iFolder looks interesting as well, I hadn't seen it before.

    I do have one small problem and that is I don't have a copy of Debian sarge and cant seem to locate where I can download an install CD as Ebox is only compatible with sarge. All the download sources for the sarge install CD on the debian.org site have been removed.:confused:

    Where can I download a debian 3.1 sarge install iso CD from. I just need the base net install CD version.

  6. steve1084

    steve1084 New Member

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