What software is required to just get a pop3/web email server

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  1. Happy

    Happy New Member

    I will list what I believe to be what I think is needed please advise
    1. Ubuntu
    2. Postfix
    3. Courier Base and pop3
    4. AVClam
    6. Apache for webmail

    and of course Webmin

    Do I need MySql

    Is this correct?

    Also how do I not allow mail users to SSH


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  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You don't need webmin.

    MySQL is needed only if you want to use virtual email users instead of real system users.

    If you use system users, change their shell from /bin/bash or /bin/sh to /bin/false.
    If you use virtual users, they can't use SSH anyway.

    Did you take a look at the tutorials in http://www.howtoforge.com/taxonomy_menu/1/78/4 or the Postfix part of the "Perfect Setups"?
  3. Happy

    Happy New Member

    I use Webmin to add/remove users and check mail, etc. I am a Windows person trying to learn Ubuntu. You can't take all my GUI tools away at once.

    I want to thankyou very much for all the help you have provided.

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