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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rehman, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. rehman

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    Dear Fellows,
    I tried to install Gtk+ on my ubuntu 7.10. When I issued the command ./configure, It generated the error "X could not found" and exited. Please tell me what is x and how and where from it binaries can be downloaded.?

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  4. rehman

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    No Graphics

    I installed from xfree86.org but after installation there was no graphics. I followed the instructions in the docs but no response. please help...
  5. id10t

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    I would be best to install the X packages from your distribution using your package manager....
  6. matey

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    apt-get install kdm
    or xdm
    or gdm
    my favorite is xdm

    I cant tel you why bcs I said it on another site and they wrote me up?!

    (well the other site is a bit paranoid) ;-)
    good luck!
    Oh BTW,
    let me save you a couple of posts;
    1- once you install X it will come up automatically to stop it from coming up at the boot up or
    2- if you like the terminal better (like the pros) you can either do a control-alt-backspace (to exit the X) or ctrl-alt F1, F2 up to F6 and get back into the terminal TTY/(command line CL) and then ctrl-alt F7 to get back in X- windows, Or use this command to stop it from coming up all together;

    update-rc.d -f gdm remove (or kdm or xdm)

    if you want to put it back where it boots into X (GUI) again, then;

    update-rc.d -f gdm defaults (or kdm..)
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