What is this ERROR?

Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by ktownmods, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Hey, this is in my systemlog in ispconfig

        [INTERFACE]: PHP IDS Alert.Total impact: 36<br/> Affected tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe, sqli, lfi<br/> <br/> Variable: GET.id | Value: -1 UNION SELECT user(),concat(username,0x3a,password),user(),user(),user(),user(),user() FROM jos_users--<br/> Impact: 36 | Tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe, sqli, lfi<br/> Description: Detects JavaScript array properties and methods | Tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe | ID 18<br/> Description: Detects JavaScript string properties and methods | Tags: xss, csrf, id, rfe | ID 19<br/> Description: Detects common comment types | Tags: xss, csrf, id | ID 35<br/> Description: Detects basic SQL authentication bypass attempts 2/3 | Tags: sqli, id, lfi | ID 45<br/> Description: Detects concatenated basic SQL injection and SQLLFI attempts | Tags: sqli, id, lfi | ID 47<br/> Description: Detects MSSQL code execution and information gathering attempts | Tags: sqli, id | ID 55<br/> Description: Detects MySQL comment-/space-obfuscated injections and backtick termination | Tags: sqli, id | ID 57<br/> Description: Looking for basic sql injection. Common attack string for mysql, oracle and others. | Tags: sqli, id | ID 76<br/> <br/>
    what is this?
    its over 20 times in the log
    All on one day in like 20min
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    Use Internet Search Engines with
    site:howtoforge.com PHP IDS Alert.Total impact: 36

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