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    I am sorry if this post is in wrong place and please forgive my ignorance.

    What is ISPConfig and what is it doing?

    I have 13 servers(dedicated) and many VPS. I am using WHM as Control Panel and WHMCS as billing system.
    If we compare ISPConfig with those. Which one is suit for ISPConfig?

    Is it a Control Panel or is it a Billing software like WHMCS?

    If this software is Open Source then why asking money for manual?

  2. till

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    ISPConfig is a full featured hosting controlpanel. See:


    ISPCOnfig is a controlpanel. There are billing solutions for ISPConfig available like a whmcs plugin and the ispconfig billing addon.

    The manual is a book of 300+ pages about ISPConfig. So why there are books about the linux kernel programming available at amazon where you have to pay for as well while the Linux kernel is opensource? I guess you get some money for your job, so why do you think that developers that work fulltime on a software project can live without earning money?
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    The manual is very good, much like ISPConfig! Well worth the money if you're struggling to understand something.

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