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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Etienne, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Etienne

    Etienne New Member

    Hi, after 2 months straight everything working fine, i suddely have the following issue, of the 3 websites that i host, 2 cannot be reached any more.

    If I do a dig on men&mice i get all okay, dns pointing to the right IP adres, but when I do a dig from my server it points to a different IP (wrong).

    I am using Falco's perfect Server setup with Debian Lenny and ISPConfig 3, my domains are registered with Godaddy, and are pointing to the right dns service (dnsexit.com) dnsexit points to my public IP, and all 3 sites are in DNSexit, they are all the same and yet, only 1 shows up.

    Anybody any clues, cuz I am staring myself blind here.

    TIA Etienne

    PS The working domain is derodedraad.net, the two not working are ita-transport.com and web-worlds.com!
  2. flashingcurser

    flashingcurser New Member

    They all dig to the same ip, so I'm assuming that the dns stuff is in order. gets me to the default debian page, which is good.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it must be something screwed up in the apache vhosts. I'm not that familiar with ispconfig, but looking in /etc/apache2/sites-available is a good place to start. Check to make sure both sites show up in that directory, then check the configs to see if anything is amiss. Might compare with the one that's working. Also check the directory structure/permissions in /var/www/. I understand that ispconfig makes some symlinks in there, check those too.

    Edit: I did an nslookup and I get an answer for derodedraad.net, but not the others. Hmmm lemme think

    I see there are default ispconfig pages showing up for both sites, you must be on the right track. :)
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  3. Etienne

    Etienne New Member

    Okay, I figured it out, for some odd reason on dnsexit.com all the domains was changed from dynamic to static, thus changing the TTL from 120 seconds to 8 hours, so after i changed them back and waiting for some
    time they started to come back, so it was after all a DNS problem.

    Still beats me why derodedraad.net was reponding though?

    Thanks for looking into it @flashingcurser!

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