what could have caused this?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by actiononline, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. actiononline

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    I made a change on the php.ini file to include ioncobe encoding, and restarted ispconfig server and apache. The application then opened without error and I am able to work on the site. When I tried accessing my ISP Config control panel however, i get this error:

    query("UPDATE session SET remote_addr = 'cookie' where sessionid = '$s'"); header("Location: ../index.php?s=$s"); exit; } else { //$conn = mysql_query("select * from session where sessionid = '$s'"); //$DB = mysql_fetch_array($conn); $row = $db->queryOneRecord("select * from session where sessionid = '$s'"); // Wenn Das Setzen der Remote Adresse funktioniert hat if($row["remote_addr"] == $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REMOTE_ADDR"]){ header("Location: ../index.php?s=$s"); exit; } } header("Location: login_fehler.php"); ?>
    What could have gone wrong, as all the services are rinning, it's just the control panel for ISP COnfig on port 81 that gives this error.
  2. till

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    It looks as if you accidently installed ioncube on the ispconfig apache server and not just on the main http server. Please undo the changes that you made in the file /root/ispconfig/php/php.ini
  3. actiononline

    actiononline New Member

    Thanks Till, that sorted out my problem. That will teach me not to go scratch where it's not itching :eek:

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