Weird loss of settings over time with ISPconfig 3 and webmin

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeFresco, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I installed ispconfig on CentOS 6.3 using the perfect server guide, and I installed webmin just to handle other config/maintenance tasks.

    I've had a weird problem I can't track down. My settings change over time.

    1. For the past few months, I've had a website assigned to a specific IP for SSL use. It is the only site on that IP. Every now and then (week or two), it will appear in ispconfig and webmin as being assigned to * instead of the specific IP. If I select the IP and restart apache, it solves the problem... until it happens again.

    2. More recently, I set the session_save_path in PHP to /tmp for that website instead of its normal session_save_path in /var/www/client# because I'm using mod_php for it and I keep getting a permission denied error. I did make that change only in webmin and discovered today (a couple days after making the change) that it was back to the normal ISPconfig path. I suspect that's because I made that change in webmin and ispconfig overwrote it. I added it to the ispconfig PHP directives for the website, and I'm hoping that fixed it.

    Can someone comment on these issues? #1 especially is driving me crazy.

    Also, I'd love to get SNI working. Everything I read says it should "just work" but it "just doesn't." :)

    Thanks to all responders

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