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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by MaddinXx, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I remember some posts here which asked for username based website access like supported by e.g. cPanel (~username).

    Basically, I read that this should be possible with mod_userdir and also tried a bit with Aliases in vhosts.

    My questions is now, if this feature would be appreciated and how it should logically be done.

    My idea is, that ISPConfig could support it like:

    http://serverurl/ip.tld/~webxx (e.g. web10).

    I guess this wouldn't be a great problem to create. Or am I wrong?

    If there are no concerns about this, I'd try working on this.

  2. till

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    Such a feature could be easily used to get information which sites are hosted on a server as you just have to write a script that tries out web1, web2, etc. so I think if this feature exists, it should be disabed by default. And such a feature would have to ensure that access to websites which are disabled in ispconfig or are over traffic is not possible.

    Using such a alias to test websites will not work with most cms / blog systems like e.g. wordpress, so installing wordpress over such a link would result in a broken install and accessing wordpress that has been installed under the real domain name will fail as well. So in my opinion, such a feature does not offer any real benefits as its mostly usable for plain html sites which dont use cms systems and such sites nearly dont exist anymore. Pleask has such a feature as its much older and years ago when websites were just directories full of html files, such a feature made sense.

    So maybe instead of intergrating such a feature in ispconfig, it might be better to write a short tutorial on how to configure mod_userdir on a ispconfig server and inform the user about the risks that i mentioned above as thes risks cant be avoided when mod_userdir is enabled.
  3. MaddinXx

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    Hi till

    Yes, I thought more about a plugin than integrating it into ISPConfig itself.

    For the problem with disabled sites I already have the solution, now trying if I'll find out for over-traffic ones.

    That's true...hmm.

    I think I'll create the plugin, since I personally often use plain HTML (for whatever :)) so everyone is free to use or not use, and write a short tutorial as soon as it's ready.

    This way, the ones who'd like to have this option, can enable it while others don't have to bother about it.

    Thanks for your opinion!
  4. till

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    Over traffic sites get disabled by ispconfig, so if your plugin detects disabled sites already, then it will work with overtraffic as well.
  5. MaddinXx

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    OK, great to hear.

    The plugin is now ready, at least a very early version with support for:

    - Create config file
    - Update config file
    - Delete config file
    - Delete config files of client
    - Disable config file

    It works like:

    - http://server.tld/~web(ID)

    and supports:

    - custom error pages
    - PHP on/off

    It's very basic at the moment, and I am not sure if it's very safe to use it (have to check that), but I guess it is.

    Now it's writing time :)

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    It's now active in svn.

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