Websites works locally but not from the outside! I call upon the Experts to do magic

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    I will try to explain my problem to the letter. Right now I would just like an answer if it is possible to do what I am trying to do at all :eek:

    Here's some info:

    Internet Service Information:
    Fast Internet Line/Used only for Internet-Server.
    Static/Fixed public IP
    All ports opened in router --> server ip number (local ip)
    Primary nameserver --> ns1.mynameserver.tld
    Secondary nameserver --> ns2.somedanishdomainservice.tld

    NAT/Firewall (But open and portforwarding all to myserveripnumber)

    System Information:
    Ubuntu Server 10.04
    ISPconfig 3 v.
    Single Server Setup (running primary nameserver)
    Tutorial: The Perfect Server - ISPConfig3 - Ubuntu Server 10.04:
    Downloaded Manual for ISPConfig3 by Falko Timme

    Followed the tutorial:

    Followed the tutorial:

    So I have my own primary nameserver - but with a local ipnumber instead of a public ip number. Isn't it possible? My primary nameserver has been approved by the danish top level domain provider ( and all domains are setup to ns1.myprimarynameserver.tld (ispconfig3) and ns2.somedanishnameserverservice.tld and this works as well. But when using the fixed ipnumber in my nameserver's A-records I can't reach the websites. But changing to myserverslocalip makes the websites work locally. I have been triyng, reeding and requesting anywhere to solve this problem. Is there someone of you Experts that will look into my problem and help me solve this? I will be standing by for 36 hours straight, ready to answer any question there may be.
    I am so much looking forward to program my new internetshop. Please help me get the server to run :eek:

    I will insert some additional information below. First the A-records for the domain that is used for the nameserver. The nameserver is therefore hosting its own domain, just as described in the second tutorial above. A-records which make the website reachable locally, not from the outside:

    A mydomain.tld. 0 3600
    A mail 0 3600
    A ns1 0 86400
    A www 0 3600
    MX mydomain.tld. mail.mydomain.tld. 10 3600
    NS mydomain.tld. ns1.mynameserver.tld. 0 3600
    NS mydomain.tld. 3600

    Here's proof that the websites works after changing A-records to the local serveripnumber ! But only locally, not from the outside.

    Welcome to your website!
    This file may be deleted or overwritten without any difficulty. This is produced........
    Powered by ISPConfig

    And I know these A-records f..... up the nameserver, as a matter of fact, the nameserver does not answer upon a lookup right now, so I will change the the A-records back to the Fixed/public ipnumber again. It's just that after I changed the A-records to the serveripnumber as shown above, it worked, from the outside as well. But after a few hours, the nameservers has been updates with the faulty A-records, and it stopped working and only worked locally (inside my lan). So now I will change the A-records back to the fixed/public ipnumber and the the website cant be reached locally anymore.

    Idea: Is it possible with a combination of the dns-records? Is this the way? Isn't there suppose to be any dns records which points to the serveripnumber?
    Idea: What about another type of record that will show "the way" to the myserveripnumber - a SRV-record? I read something about this record in the manual, a server record, but I can't figure it out? I'm just getting too mixed up in my hed :confused:

    For further information I will insert my /etc/resolv.conf file below as well, maybe theres a error there?:

    # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)
    domain home
    search home

    Here is a link to a thread were there are talk about local ip and nameserver/ispconfig - but I haven't got the knowhow to see if this is the solution. I thing maybe not.:

    Here is another thread were we are discussing the same issue:

    Well, thats all, nothing much... " 2hours 20minutes of trying to explain my problem. Hope there is a kind soal out there.. Signing of untill 7 am.

    Kind Regards,
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    This problem has been solved..

    Kind Regards
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    What was the solution?
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    The solution! A securitybreach in the "Sagem" Modem/Router from the danish ISP TDC

    Hi Skoena,

    The solution was a securitybreach in the "Sagem" Modem/Router from the danish ISP TDC
    It's several things combinated - but not at all a fix I think any of you can use at all. But, if in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask me :)
    I tried to explain both the problem and the solution on this site:

    Thanks for asking ;)

    Kind Regards,

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