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Discussion in 'General' started by Thomas Schachtner, Sep 23, 2020.

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    Hi there,

    today I found out, that one database was not backed up correctly due to some database issue. The database seemed to work fine and no visible problems occurred. Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to detect that earlier, as the error message was deeply hidden in the ispconfig cron.log file.

    Is there a way to get some backup log which can be used for such tasks?
    It would also be a convenient means to provide a proof of backup.
    I am not sure how much in detail such a log needs to be. Maybe just an OK an all the error messages (if any) alongside the current date and time for every backup job would be fine.
    Is there such a function available in ISPConfig?
    Is there a way to implement that? (I do not want do fiddle with the php scripts, as this might either break future updates or will be deleted by future updates.)
    Can I contribute here in any way? (add some code? upload it for review? - or whatever...)
    I think that there are some people who would find this feature handy...

    Best regards,

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